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Hi - I am certainly delighted to discove this. Good job!
I don't think they are good. In fact bad.
Cartikahosting.com service is bad
Well, I thought the servers were okay though there were a few outtages in the short period of time we tried them. But I didn't like how they treat their customers. They are very pushy and kept asking me to upgrade when I really didn't need to. Cartikahosting is a bit scammy in some ways. I can't explain it. I guess because I feel they nickle and dime you for everything. It's not a good feeling and it's hard to grow a business like that.
Cartikahosting.com review complaints complaint blog
"Cartikahosting.com is not recommended. Most of their positive reviews are written themselves and take off negative reviews. You can try to write a negative review and they will take off your review immediately. Do not trust the following reviews about Cartikahosting.
Cartikahosting.com running their own reviews
www.cartikaforum.com I think this is also theirs as well. What kind of hosting company will try to mislead customers and write their own reviews bragging about themselves. If you look at most other web hosting review sites, you will see more negative comments than positive. I wouldn't trust Cartikahosting.com if I were you.